World Breastfeeding Week: August 1-7, 2014

World Breastfeeding week is quickly approaching, only a few days away so let’s get ready! This year it is August 1-7, 2014. The purpose of World Breastfeeding week is to protect, promote, and support breastfeeding. There are many challenges to breastfeeding and many mothers struggle with meeting their personal breastfeeding goals for a number of reasons. While breastfeeding certainly has its challenges, it has so many benefits! While breastfeeding is not the “right” choice for everyone (and that’s ok!) those that wish to really benefit from support which is why I think World Breastfeeding Week is great!

So, how can you celebrate World Breastfeeding Week?

There are many events going on that vary by location, but here are a few going on all over that you can check out and see if there is a location near you!

This is a really fun event if you can find one near you. There are locations worldwide where moms come together and all “latch on” their little ones at the same time! Organizers then count how many little ones are latched on at their location and send it in for a world wide count of little ones latched on all at once! Aren’t nursing right now? No worries, contact your local  event and see if they need help! Registering, counting, etc. or just go and cheer everyone on! For those in Vermont there is a Big Latch On event planned for August 1st at 10:30 AM at Landry Park, Winooski. Go look for a location near you! Can’t find one close to you? Keep this in mind next year and grab some friends and put one together yourself! Even if you are no longer breastfeeding it can still be a fun event!

This event is hosted by La Leche League. This event is run by La Leche League leaders throughout the US. It doesn’t require little ones to be latched on all at the same time but does count the number of breastfeeding supporters in attendance and tries to break the previous record! These events can vary greatly from one location to the next. It can be a small get together, picnic, festival and even a Big Latch On event can count! Unlike the Big Latch On that takes place August 1st and  August 2nd, these events take place all throughout the month of August. Differing from The Big Latch On this event counts not only those that are breastfeeding, or shall I say breastfeeding little ones (a mom tandem nursing counts as two), it also counts supporters so just attending and showing your support you are counted. The highlight of this is to celebrate not just breastfeeding, but the supporters who help make it happen!


These are the two biggest celebrations for World Breastfeeding Week (and World Breastfeeding Month) that I know of. So now I need you guys to help me out. Do you know of any other celebrations going on? Small, local ones or big, worldwide ones? Have you or Are you attending one of these events? What did you think? And lastly, since celebrating supports seems to be a theme, please tell me: Who was your biggest breastfeeding supporter? Partner, family member, nurse, IBCLC, La Leche League leader, friends?  Can’t wait to hear your answers! Now, Happy World Breastfeeding Week!